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"I am totally pleased with your website, and the response that I have received from other real estate brokers and from prospective buyers."

Doug - Morganton, N. Carolina

"I am very impressed with your website network, this has helped me so much in my listing presentations. I have tried others but yours is the best and the only one I now use."

Colleen - Steamboat Springs, Colorado

"I am excited about the advertising on your website. Thank you so much."

Wendy - Quinlan, Texas

"Great company. You take care of your advertisers."

Casey - Sheridan, Arkansas
Steamboat - Ski Town, USA

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photo Berryessa Highlands at Lake Berryessa Bayview Ridge Ranch
Fordyce Trail
Fordyce Trail
Soda Springs, CA
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Owner/Cate Farms
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2 Homes on one 12 Acre Lot! Front- 16 Pine Hill Lane Crocker- Lot 1A Tommy Francis
Water- Lot 3 So. Ashburnham Rd Pond- Lot 4 So. Ashburnham Rd Back- 122 Townsend St
Aerial- 0 George Hill Back- 51 Candleberry Lane Land- 0 Under Pin Hill Rd
Aerial- Lot 2 Prospect Hill Front- 96 Ann Lees Rd Woods- Lot 2 Slough Rd

Land Farm and Ranch is the largest land and rural property website in the U.S., featuring over 100,000 properties in 61 countries worldwide.

Land Farm and Ranch advertises all categories of rural properties and land for sale, including undeveloped land, farm land, timber land, hunting land, commercial land, development sites, home sites, vineyards, waterfront properties, homes, farms and ranches for sale.

Land Farm and Ranch also features thousands of luxury properties and country estates including castles, chateaux, manors, villas, islands, mansions, plantations, and historical properties for sale.

Start advertising today. Join over 3500 real estate professionals and advertise your property with Land Farm and Ranch today.

Featured Properties


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